Monday, 17 September 2007

I'm fighting with myself...

... over Gothic Heat.

Basically, it's like this. I know I should give it one last read through, to check for inconsistencies... but I just can't bear to go through the flipping thing yet another time. I like it and all that, after all my trials and tribulations with it, but the thought of ploughing through it yet another time gives me a sick feeling of dread in my chest. A feeling that almost rivals the sick feeling I get that there might be some glaring and stupid continuity boo-boo that I've perpetrated in my latest edits, and which I'm blind as a bat to because I'm far too close to the story and the characters.

I've been through this a gazillion times, with other books, and I've always regretted not doing that one last read through because there have been instances when I've received the page proofs and an inconsistency of the type I fear has been there, sitting in the pages of my almost ready to be published book, festering and pulsating with horribleness and unprofessionalism like a giant infected boil. And at that stage, it's hellish difficult to change things with the minimum of disruption to the 'shape' of the printed pages! Copy editors are supposed to spot things like this, but I suppose they're only human and have blind areas too.

So, I'm putting off and putting off this horrible task... and it wouldn't be so bad if I were doing something productive instead of it, but I'm not. I'm just foofing about and allowing my To Do List to grow to humongous proportions... It's already spread from one page to two and jobs keep piling up!

I'm just a pathetic mess, really, aren't I?

Telly: History programmes
Choc/Yummy: chocolate swiss roll
Mood: stressed to the max
Writing: nothing
Reading: nothing today
RSI/FMS: sore and tired

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