Friday, 18 May 2007

raindrops on roses....

At the moment, these are a few of my favourite things! When the dog bites... when the bee stings... la di da di dah!

what a nice surprise...

I'm not a great one for writing non fic pieces for the web and elsewhere, so I don't usually do much more in that line than produce the rambling day to day diatribes you find here... But a while back, I noticed a nice feature at Dear Author, where they were doing Q&As with a variety of authors who live outside the US, detailing their experience of writing and being published in America. I emailed Jane at DA on spec, and asked if I could answer their questions too, but she said they didn't need any more authors for that feature, and asked me if I was interested in trying something else... I shook in my shoes, really, because of the aforementioned uselessness at writing about myself... but I decided to have a bash and this is the result.

Portia Da Costa's First Sale

Telly: UK TV History
Choc/Yummy: apple turnover
Mood: okay
Writing: thinking about Gothic Heat
Reading: AGW/Madelynne
RSI/FMS: rather tired

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