Wednesday, 1 July 2009

RISQUE REUNIONS... final instalment!

NO LONGER FORBIDDEN, the final story in the Risque Reunions trilogy is out today!

Ten years ago, when she was nineteen, Annette Fraser was wracked by a huge crush on her math teacher, Nicholas Laurence. In her heart, she knew her feelings were true, and that Mr Laurence reciprocated them, but his strict ethical code forbade him revealing his emotions, and her natural good sense prevented her from doing anything silly. Ten years later, and never having found a love such as she felt for her handsome, cultured teacher, she looks forward to meeting up with him again at a school reunion as adults and equals. But unfortunately fate has dealt Nicholas a painful blow. Badly injured in a car crash, but now recovered, he still bears the scars. Annette’s love is undiminished, and on seeing her, Nicholas knows his feelings are also unchanged, and more intense now that their love is no longer taboo.

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But if you want to know the full story of what happens at the Walton Wood High School ten year reunion... you need to read the other instalments too!


Ten years after leaving Walton Wood High School, Caitlyn Green still has a crush on the class heart-throb she yearned for in her final year. Organising the catering for a school reunion seems to be a great, non obvious way to meet Drew Hartley again, and either finally hook up with him or get him out of her system for good. The trouble is, back in the day, Drew was always hanging with his buddy, Steve… and ten years later, the two men are closer than ever.

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Sweethearts from their schooldays and wed too young, Willa Riley and James Adams, are now separated due to marital stresses and a different vision for their future together. Some years after their split, Willa attends their school reunion, unsure how she’ll react on seeing James again, but determined not to stay away, like a coward. She’s in for a surprise though. Her formerly diffident ex husband is a transformed, self assured man who’s grown into himself and found confidence in an outdoorsy career that really suits him. Always desirable, he’s ten times as sexy in his dominant, sexually adventurous new persona, and Willa responds to him with renewed passion that astonishes and shocks her. James has the measure of her bossy personality now, and there’s sweet joy for her in the act of submission to her newly masterful husband and the way he punishes her with delicious, loving pleasure-pain.

Available from eHarlequin, Fictionwise, Books on Board, Sony Ebook Store and Amazon Kindle

Hope you enjoy reading these three linked stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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