Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Finally! HER LOVER'S SECRET is released!

At long last, here it is, the fourth instalment of my SECRET PLEASURES series. I meant to publish this ages ago, but circumstances seemed to conspire against it. Health, crises of confidence, changes of direction with the story, they've all delayed a release that should have happened not just months but years ago.

Anyway, here's the blurb... and my massive, abject apologies to those who've been waiting HER LOVER'S SECRET. I hope you enjoy the love story of Rachel and Lawrence, their sensual adventures and the way they surmount the obstacles that life throws in their path to happily ever after.

When Rachel spills wine all over herself and a devastatingly handsome older man at her friends' wedding reception, she little realises that it's the beginning of a heart-stopping journey of sensual discovery.

Lawrence Brady is stunned discover his state of sexual ennui shattered by the beautiful young woman who upends her glass of red wine all over him. Rachel wants to learn the delicious secrets of BDSM, and he's just the man to provide her 'education'... in a thrillingly intense but short-lived no strings affair.

But what if their fling becomes more? Will Lawrence's secret destroy their chance of happiness and a future together?

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