Monday, 23 January 2012

Goals for the week - sort of...

Inspired by a chum from Twitter, Maria Smith, I'm going to try and make a goal list for the new week ahead.

First up is to assemble, format and publish a new mini novella. It's called IN SEBASTIAN'S HANDS, and it's what I call a BDSM love story in three acts. In the first story Megan and Sebastian meet at a party and discover that they share a deep seated need to play games of pain and pleasure. In the second story, the two have been together some time, and their relationship is growing richer and more fulfilling... and kinkier than ever with each day that passes. In the third story, Sebastian and Megan are a committed couple, happily looking forward to a long and happy life together, with lots of love, laughs... and spanking.

I'm also planning to set up a super freebie giveaway at Amazon for three days, another story of spanking and BDSM games, for those who enjoy a slice of romantic super perviness. Watch for that mid week. :)

I have three guest blog posts to write by the end of the week. I've done a rough draft of one, and have ideas for two more. So that's a start. Sort of...

Months ago, before I got caught up in work on my second Victorian opus, I stared writing a fun menage a trois romance about a girl who takes a holiday in a sleepy country village, and gets involved with not one gorgeous hunk but two! It's called TEMPTED BY TWO, I'd like to return to that, and write lots more of it. I'm at 20K so far, but it would be nice to make it to 30K at least, although probably not all next week.

I need to plan a bit of promo for my next Spice Brief. A GENTLEWOMAN'S PLEASURE is out on 1st February, the same day as GABRIEL'S NAUGHTY GAME, from one of my writing pals, Madelynne Ellis.

Speaking of Spice Briefs, I'd like to start making some notes for two more of them. THE RED CHAIR and THE WHITE ROOM are #2 and #3 in my Three Colors Sexy trio. The first of these THE BLUE BOOK, comes out in October 2012.

Yikes, I'm going to need to get busy and not mess about too much!