Sunday, 8 July 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

I've rather rashly decided to sign up for something called Seventy Days of Sweat!

This is a brilliant initiative by Alison Kent that's designed as a friendly, mutually supportive kick in the butt to get a group of writers actually writing! I think it's mainly for authors who need/want to complete an entire novel in 70 days, culminating in mid Sept, but I think it will work just as well as an incentive for me, who needs to complete 32K of Gothic Heat before a nominal date of 31st August, and edit the book by 1st October. I would *have* to do this anyway, so it's no extra pressure to make it part of this fun, group project. Not to mention there are prizes...

My own goal only requires a target of around 600 words per day, but some people have set themselves far more gruelling tasks. One author has to complete three whole books in the time allotted! Now that is going some... I would say it's impossible, but then, most writers have more grit and determination than I have!!!

So, the challenge starts today, but I think latecomers are still very welcome, so if you're an author and you really want to crack on with a WIP, why not sign up?

Seventy Days of Sweat


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