Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Nipple twiddling!

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with what Willa is doing to James here... Actually, in the story, it's more the other way around, but I do like this cover image a helluva lot! I'm not usually a great one for mantitty covers, but even I have to admit his torso is pretty lush... :)

And the good news today is that SECOND TIME AROUND is now listed at eHarlequin, so hie thee over there to see an even bigger version of this delicious cover... oh, and also buy the book too, if that's your fancy!

SECOND TIME AROUND - buy from Harlequin

And in other good news, the first story in the Risque Reunions trilogy, TWICE THE PLEASURE, has just received a lovely review from Wendy the Superlibrarian at The Good, The Bad and The Unread!

Well pleased about that! Check it out!

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Feeling: OK