Saturday, 24 November 2007

fear and loathing of page proofs

Agh, those GOTHIC HEAT proofs have arrived! And I'm skeert to death of them!

I hate checking proofs. There's a pleasure in seeing the book as it's going to look when it's on sale, and it makes it all very real... but I'm always terrified, that, no matter how much checking I've done before I lobbed the thing off to the editor, I've committed some almighty continuity boo boo that has also slipped by in the copy editing process. Some stupid plot loophole that renders the whole thing ridiculous... I'm looking at the envelope with the proofs in now, and I feel slightly sick to my stomach. I've put them back in there because they make me shudder just to have them out in the open. But I've got to see to them, because, as usual, there's not really a great deal of time in which to scrutinise them.

All of the above means that my Sweat70 progress will grind to a shuddering halt for a while, unless I can somehow manage to just do a bit in between rounds of checking...

Telly: not yet
Choc/Yummy: iced bun... for breakfast!
Mood: terrified
Writing: proofs... shudder...
Reading: Claiming the Courtesan - Anna Campbell
RSI/FMS: usual

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