Monday, 6 February 2012

INTIMATE EXPOSURE - out today & chance to win it

INTIMATE EXPOSURE, my first release from Carina Press, is out today!

Here's the lowdown:

Middle management executive Victoria Renard works for a large insurance firm that has just been bought out by the mysterious and reclusive business tycoon F.W. Shanley the Third. Vicki and her colleagues are all concerned about their future, in the wake of the takeover, and into this tension fraught situation, walks devilishly attractive freelance photographer Red Webster on assignment to take photos for a new company profile.

Vicki finds Red attractive but his sexy teasing rubs her the wrong way. Red in turn is turned on by Vicki's feisty, challenging personality and her undeniable beauty. He also senses a kindred spirit, a woman who shares his sexual preference for BDSM pleasure, and his hopes are confirmed when he discovers her reading a copy of "The Story of O" on her Kindle.

Unknown to Vicki and her fellow employees, though, Red Webster and Frederick Webster Shanley are one and the same person, as the unconventional businessman likes to investigate his new acquisitions from the inside, and get to know his workforce without them knowing it's him. Free of the boss/employee dynamic, Red is able to woo and seduce Vicki on equal terms, first in a kinky encounter in the company gym, and later during a long, hedonistic weekend at a very beautiful, luxurious and risqué hotel. He dares her to take him on, and share a wild sexual adventure with him, no strings, no repercussions afterwards.

But the luxurious getaway exceeds the expectations of both Vicki and Red, and in a sensuous, hothouse atmosphere they find themselves falling in love. The widowed Red has reservations about entering another relationship and Vicki is still uneasy about Red's cavalier and somewhat underhand courtship techniques, but they challenge each other to overcome these, and - when Red finally reveals his true identity - to commit to a loving future of erotic games, mutual respect and emotional fulfillment.

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