Saturday, 3 March 2012

Two Naughty Gentlewomen

A GENTLEWOMAN'S DALLIANCE is the latest in my Ladies' Sewing Circle series of Spice Briefs, a quartet of stories about a rather naughty group of Victorian women who gather to gossip about their sex lives, real and imaginary, rather than ever actually wield a needle and thread.

Mrs Mary Brigstock started out by being the most reserved, and sometimes slightly disapproving member of the circle, but under the influence of her more daring friends, she's finally come out of her shell and is now as risque and sexy as the rest of the group. Happily, she loves her dear husband very much, and he's more than pleased to reap the benefits of her new erotic liberation and indulge with her in sensual experimentation. Eager to explore new pleasures, the Brigstocks launch themselves into the world of saucy sexual spanking... with the expert help of Benedict, a young and handsome discipline specialist, who shares his wealth of knowledge with the eager older couple.

Available from eHarlequin, Barnes and Noble Nook Store, Mills and Boon, Amazon Kindle US [April '12] and Amazon Kindle UK [April '12]

A GENTLEWOMAN'S PLEASURE - the third of the Ladies' Sewing Circle stories - is now available for Amazon Kindle as well as at a variety of outlets.

This story is about Lucy Dawson, who up until now has been the shyest and perhaps most inexperienced of the group. Somewhat eccentric, and a bespectacled, bicycle riding spinster, Lucy hasn't had much in the way of hot tales to tell her fellow circle members... that is until she falls off her bike during a country ride, and is rescued by a deliciously handsome and mysterious woodsman called Ethan. She suffers a mild concussion, and Ethan cares for her in his cosy and secluded cottage... and pretty soon one thing leads to another, and she eagerly succumbs to the charms of the husky younger man. Returning to London she has a sizzling story to tell her avid friends in the circle...

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