Wednesday, 22 August 2007

it's all a bit sporadic, innit?

Sorry that posting has been a bit hit and miss recently. Have mainly been channelling all my writing energy into fiction and now, into editing Gothic Heat. And my life is pretty boring... except last Thursday when I met my dear writing buddy, Saskia Walker for lunch and we had a fabulous gabfest and bitching session! Now that was fun, and I bet a lot of people's ears were burning that day... we love to dish it! LOL

Am now about a third of the way into editing Gothic Heat, and it's still not too vile. I can see a bit of tweakage ahead, but so far, so good. I'm even beginning to think a little about what I'll do next. It'll probably be something contemporary, but no firm news on that yet. When there is something to tell, you'll be the first to know, faithful readers. [All three of you.]

One good bit of news is that the Magic and Desire Black Lace novella collection, containing my offering ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT, has just appeared on the Amazons, due out 8th May 08.

Can't wait to see the cover... but in the meantime, here's my version.

Telly: UK TV History
Choc/Yummy: Hotel Chocolat
Mood: very tired
Writing: editing Gothic Heat
Reading: The Unsung Hero/Suzanne Brockmann & Flatliners/Leonore Fleischer
RSI/FMS: see above, tired and extremely achy

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