Thursday, 26 October 2006

paranormal issues

Am proceeding reasonably well, wordcountwise, with IllMet... but I'm also beginning to dwell on what it is about the idea of writing paranormal erotic romance that perplexes me. I find I'm writing too much story in proportion to the amount of sex. This seems to be the bugbear with paranormals to me, the 'paranormal tends to get in the way of the people'. Now if this were a paranormal romance, as opposed to a paranormal erotic romance... this would probably work better. But there has to be quite a lot of sex in one of these efforts, and so far I've spent much more time on the actual story and setup than I have on actual bonking or pervage. I'm really having to make an effort to get my characters into rumpo action... and it shouldn't be that way. It should be effortless, intrinsic, just there...

Anyway, I know I shouldn't really fret myself about it because this is just a first draft, a rough sketch, almost a cartoon for the oil painting [hah!] of the book. I'm just getting the bare bones down... there will be lots of opportunity for adding, subtracting, refining and enhancing. At this stage it is!!!

Words done today so far: 1315