Friday, 23 May 2008

I am such a sad act!

My first very silly attempt at making a video with my mobile phone. Mulder is so sweet, but I'm just a dork... LOL

Back to vamps!

I've had another vampire story accepted, and I'm going to be in Lust at First Bite: Sexy Vampire Short Stories!

It's called SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK, and it's rather dark and wry, a sexy little tale of retribution and what goes around, comes around. Quite fun to write...

My new toy!

It's my new mobile phone. Chosen, after exhaustive research, for these key reasons:
  1. It's on the O2 network and that's advertised on the telly by the delicious Sean Bean
  2. Apparently this special edition stainless steel handset is used for several seconds in the Casino Royale movie by James Bond himself!
How's that for logical and rational technology shopping! LOL