Thursday, 4 October 2007


This was me, yesterday, raging at almost everything! [only I have better teeth] I did no writing and spent most of the day in a state of fury at 'stuff' and inanimate objects that all seemed to conspire against me to stop me achieving anything positive! My printer was playing up, telling me there were paper jams when there were nothing of the sort... Tried to do a back up to my new[ish] Porsche designed hard drive... Porsche? Don't make me ****ing well laugh! The speed this stupid thing was transferring had more in common with that trolley thing that pulls Space Shuttles out of the Vertical Assembly Building, only in this case, towed by geriatric snails! Had to abandon the back up as my calculations predicted it would take around seven years... grr... Obviously something is wrong there, and I suspect it might be my USB driver or summink like that... Only trouble is if I start getting into diagnostics that's just another thing to stop me writing!

On a plus note, I did manage to free up a bit of space at the side of the bed by moving some books and throwing out some papers, but it's just marginal really. I can move there now, though, so that's a plus...

Today, I am going to write something! I'm not going to get distracted by 'stuff' and I'm going to resist the urge to hang out too long at my favourite blogs and boards. And I'm not going to get sidetracked into promo stuff again today either... either written, or graphicky... Like I said, if I don't actually write anything, what the bleeding hell is there going to be to promote????

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