Wednesday, 12 March 2008

V. busy for the rest of the week...

Things are a bit crazy here at the moment.

I was chugging along nicely with my reunion story, starting to get to grips with it, when the writing life, as it so often does, dropped an anvil on my head. Message from agent saying that editor has asked if there's any chance I can turn in IN TOO DEEP like... now!!! Major eeek agh situation! Now, the thing is finished in first draft, and has even had a polish, but there were some fairly majorish plot/research issues that I wanted to double check, and be sure of... and I was pretty sure that when I found out what I needed to know, there'd be some rewriting. I was also thinking of waiting 'til my actual delivery day, on the off chance that I'd get to see a sneak peek of the real cover... and if the hair or something was different, I could rewrite to fit!

But alas, no... I need a few more days, but I'm going to try and email the finished product in next Monday, which is a full two weeks early, which still helps the editor. Not sure why this rush has come about, but sort of have my suspicions.

I have to give a shout out to my good writing buddies, though, for hand holding me through this, and convincing me I could do it. So yay to Saskia and Madelynne, as ever, and many thanks to Merry and friends for library advice, and the Romance Divas for some medical stuff. And a huge shout out to my fabulous sister Rita, who's a nurse, who supplied me with some totally brilliant and crucial medical info too.

I'd better get stuck in then, hadn't I?