Sunday, 10 June 2007

it's been a funny week...

It didn't start so well, what with me being lurgi bound, but it's improved quite a lot as the days sped past. I feel almost back to normal now... well, as normal as I ever am, and I'm now trying to catch up with all the jobs I lost touch with while I was 'out of order'.

Friday was a hoot at Romance by the Blog!

The other Bellas and I had a very jolly chat about heroes and who we pictured when we were reading and writing... The talk was pretty far ranging and resulted in some saucy speculations on sexy menages that we'd like to engage in with groups of two or more hot male celebs... LOL... A fourway with the Divine Vincenzo, Mr Depp and sexy Spike, anybody?

Anyway, if you want to see what the fun was all about, why not check out the comments here and maybe add your own thoughts? Also, somewhere amongst the commentary, I dropped in a couple of links to some very hot previously unseen on the internet excerpts from my 1996 title The Devil Inside.

And as if Friday's fun away day wasn't enough, I then got the fabboo news about Glint! Gosh, I am so pleased about that! I'm in that anthology with a whole slew of great writers... I'm about to go off and gather a few names, so I can post them here.

And what am I about now? Well, I'm going to get stuck into Gothic Heat again... I really need to buck my ideas up if I'm to get my 20K added this month! I'm still not quite sure of some plot bits and motivations, but I'm hoping that reading Gothic Blue again will help... much as I hate reading my own work. Bleck!

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