Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A rare and unusual sight...

This is a very rare sight at Casa Da Costa... a cat actually sitting in a *cat* basket! The clowder usually prefer to find other sleeping spots, such as the airing cupboard, the human bed, the settee, piles of clothing, both freshly laundered or recently taken off... It's very, very unusual to see one of them, such as Mulder, in the basket purchased specially for them.

She even appears to have switched on her eye-lasers to alert me to this unexpected occurence. LOL

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

08:51 No further snow overnight here. Sun out now. We might get snowfalls later 'tho apparently. #uksnow

08:53 Whitechapel was good last night. Loved Rupert Penry-Jones as rather prim, OCDish Detective Inspector. Very cute indeed.

08:54 My email seems to be out of whack again at the mo'. Mails getting lost altogether, arriving days late... It's so bloody frustrating!

08:57 Beginning to think, the amount of cop shows I watch, I should write crime or suspense. But I'm no good on complex plots, alas.

09:20 Jeezum, it's 9.20am and I'm not dressed. What the hell am I playing at? I should be up and clothed and working by now!

10:39 Think I'm going to eat some chocolate coins with my coffee break. I feel like a treat, and I've done my static cycling for the day.

11:01 Just had choc, strong coffee & big gun painkillers. I feel so degenerate! LOL

17:42 Hurrah! Finally started on a new story! I'm writing crap at the moment, but at least I'm writing something...

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