Monday, 22 January 2007

pretty in pink

As you see, I've been playing again. I just felt like a change of look, and as two of my other sites are now pink, I thought I'd give this one a pretty in pink makeover... I don't really know what's with me and pink at the moment... Maybe it's a commitment to romance somehow. Wearingwise, I stick to black when I leave the house and meet my public, but I do like pink too. And red. And purple.

Today I've been proceeding with Buddies, wading through another longish sex scene. Not sure if it's working, but my splendid critique partner has offered to take a look at it and help me out with a second opinion. This particular book is turning out to be a bit of a plot free zone, just shambling along from one sex scene to the next, with a bit of angsty stuff and back story wedged in between the bonkage here and there.

Telly: Nuclear Secrets
Chocolate: Hotel Chocolat Seasonal Goodie Bag
Mood: not bad
Writing: 1.4K words Buddies
Reading: You Only Live Twice - Ian Fleming
RSI: wrists a bit sore