Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Accidental Call Girl - published today!

Yay, it's publication day for THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL, my crazy book about a crazy girl who does the craziest thing when she meets the most beautiful man she's ever set eyes on, in a bar!

It's lust at first sight, on both sides, and the normally cautious Lizzie Aitchison knows she just has to have one glorious night with John, or forever torment herself with what might have been. John Smith, a careful, prudent man in his forties, and not given to unconsidered actions, knows he simply has to possess this stunning younger woman who looks a lot like the famous glamour model Bettie Page.

The trouble is, he thinks she's an escort... and Lizzie soon realises that. But on the spur of the moment, she decides to take a chance and play along. Even when she discovers that John enjoys kinky, daring pleasures... In fact, especially then!

THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL  is the story of what happens when both faux call girl and client discover that one night together is never going to be enough for them. And deeper feelings begin to overtake their 'business' transaction...

Discover more about THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL here.

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The Accidental Call Girl is published by Black Lace, and is the first part of THE ACCIDENTAL TRILOGY