Monday, 9 June 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 00:24 Daily Tweetage: 01:24 Daily Tweetage: 08:25 Twitter still acting weird... # 08:26 Hope to continue ..
  • 12:39 A beautiful day in West Yorks today. No writing yet. Have been pottering about and watching a bit of Starman, whilst static cycling.
  • 12:55 Writing again...: I'm pleased to be writing again. I did 1.6K of my 'Liaisons' story yesterday, and..
  • 13:52 Oh hell, I've getting stuck into watching Starman instead of doing some writing. Fail!
  • 13:54 Gawd, I should learn to speak too... 'I've getting'... what the blue blazes does that mean?????
  • 17:04 Not doing so great today. Just 500 words. Watched Starman and now I feel weepy, a mismatched vibe when I'm writing a silly erotic story. :(
  • 17:46 Have redeemed myself and done another 500, bringing wordcount up to 1K. Can officially hold my head up again... :)
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Writing again...

I'm pleased to be writing again. I did 1.6K of my 'Liaisons' story yesterday, and started to really get into it, as opposed to struggling with it and worrying about it feeling forced. Once I can get over the hurdles of actually starting something, and feeling afraid of it, I'm usually okay. But sometimes I have trouble with the concept that I'm actually in charge of the goddamned thing, and I can do what I want with it, and find myself too worried about guidelines and expectations and what I think I should be writing as opposed to what I want to write....

In other news... I was hoping that Battlestar Galactica [reimagined version] Series One would arrive from Amazon DVD rental today, but it didn't. So instead, I've started watching a DVD I bought a while back but hadn't looked at yet... STARMAN, which Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. I love this movie, it's fun and touching and a simple but rattling good story. It always makes me cry at the end... but in a good way.