Friday, 2 May 2008

My Mayday Triple Header!!!!

Somehow, me being me, I managed to forget or miss the fact that yesterday was publication day for THREE new titles of mine!!!

MAGIC AND DESIRE is a new Black Lace paranormal erotic romance title that contains my novella Ill Met By Moonlight. It's the story of a girl who meets a gorgeously big and butch fairy while staying at a seaside holiday cabin. You can read an excerpt here.

It's available from and to pre-order from

BOUND BRITS is a British themed BDSM anthology, published by Total-E-Bound. It was published a short while ago as an ebook, but is now out in print from My contribution is a story of pervy passion and emotional discovery called The Retreat.

WILD IN THE COUNTRY is a previously published novel of mine which has been revamped and republished, also by Total-E-Bound. The ebook came out some time ago, but it's now available in a print edition. It's a wild, crazy and very pervy bucolic frolic, full of lots of kinky sex and colourful characters. You can read an excerpt here and order a copy from