Monday, 28 July 2014


Apparently this is the result of a BookBub promotion, funded by my publisher. I had no idea it was occurring, although I figured out they'd put IN TOO DEEP out at a special price for a while.

So, many thanks to all the readers who've snapped up my naughty librarian and professor fantasy! I do hope you enjoy it and perhaps decide to try more of my writing when you've read IN TOO DEEP.

If you're in America and you haven't yet sampled IN TOO DEEP, here's the Bookbub link to the special prices. :)

Happy Reading!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Masterful Secrets

The MASTERED boxed set releases tomorrow, but my companion piece novella, THEIR SECRET, is already available from a variety of outlets, if you want to get a taste of the Secret Pleasures world.

THEIR SECRET tells the sexy story of Maggie, whose close friend Sarah experiences a BDSM epiphany in HIS SECRET from the boxed set. Both these gals find themselves enthralled by handsome, charismatic and dominant men... and happily submit to them as masters. Yum yum!

Don't worry, you can read THEIR SECRET first, if you want to, as the stories can stand completely alone. You'll probably get most enjoyment from reading both, but it's not essential to read HIS SECRET first.

Here's the blurb of THEIR SECRET...

When Maggie Jenkins agrees to meet her online lover, the enigmatic “Mr. Jones”, at The Retreat, a luxury hotel with a risqué reputation, she knows she’s taking a wild and daring chance.

Mr. Jones is an irresistible temptation, an exciting alpha male who’s been tutoring Maggie in the mysteries of power exchange and BDSM sensuality. She’s half in love with her unknown master already, so despite the foolhardiness of submitting to a man she’s never met, Maggie reaches out to grasp pleasure, and her future, with both hands.

But fate throws a huge surprise in with the breathtaking bliss… and emotional complications Maggie could never have foreseen.

Here's an excerpt

And if you already just know you want to read about Maggie's daring adventure with Mr Jones, here are the buy links!

Amazon :: US :: UK :: CA :: AU
Also from :: Barnes and Noble :: Nook UK :: Kobo
Apple coming soon!

And tomorrow [21st July] you can also buy MASTERED, with stories from a bunch of other fabulous authors as well as HIS SECRET.

 The special debut price of MASTERED is only 99c [or your equivalent] so it's a total bargain. Just look at those author names!

Amazon :: US :: UK :: CA :: AU
Apple :: US :: UK :: CA :: AU
Also available from: Barnes and Noble and Kobo