Tuesday, 2 January 2007


I'll keep it brief tonight... It's 10.50pm and I've only just finished working! I needed to get some words under my belt today, as I'm off on a jaunt into big town tomorrow to have lunch with my bestest writing buddy, Saskia Walker! Can't wait!

Have achieved quite a bit today, although it's taken me until evening to actually do some writing. Still working my way through Detective... but I think I'm into the endgame now. I just have to round off the conclusion now... Still not sure if it's a proper paranormal, or if it's 'edgy' enough and whotnot for the editor... but hey, it's a bit of a laugh, and maybe it'll come in for something eventually if not for the target anthology.

To do list wise.... well, I had 17 items on the list I prepared this morning, and I've done about ten of them... So that's not bad, is it?

Telly: Ray Mears' Real Heroes of Telemark
Chocolate: choc bic
Mood: good
Writing: 1k words of Watching The Detective
Reading: Radio Times
RSI: little bit sore, not too bad