Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Look at these two beauties!

Here are the covers for my two latest books from Black Lace, out within a month of each other. Aren't they gorgeous?

THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE is the concluding installment of the Accidental Trilogy, and the clue is in the title as to the direction of Lizzie and John's relationship takes in the story. Yes, they're heading towards marriage, but there are plenty of bumps and pitfalls along the way for them, especially in the form of a powerful figure from John's emotional past, who could scupper all their plans completely...

THE GIFT is my winter/Christmas reimagining of my 2009 title Kiss It Better, complete with a new erotic/romantic epilogue that spicily rounds off the story of Sandy and Jay's complicated relationship, with it's sexy secrets and poignant echoes from the past...

More details, with excerpts, here:

The Accidental Bride [UK release - 21st November]

The Gift [UK release - 5th December]