Wednesday, 20 February 2008

busy day...

It's been a weird and busyish day today. Some work, but quite a bit of communication.

First I was chatting to a friend, hoping to support her in the face of something very disquieting that's happened and convince her that she will prevail in the end and reap the just rewards of her exceptional writing talent. Then my agent called, and we had a nice chat about this and that, and various projects I have at different stages of development. Sounds like more of my books that were originally print works might pop up as ebooks soon too. Some stuff has already appeared in Kindle format, if you check the various book listings on the left.

Found it tough to settle after all the above, but finally got stuck into a short story/novella thing I'm working on at the moment. This is one of my very rare forays into the historical erotic sub genre, and is a spicy tale about a slightly naive Victorian widow who falls into the very frisky hands of not one, but two, or possibly even three very naughty gentlemen! Should be a laugh... but for the right reasons, I hope... not for my questionable cod Victorian dialogue and narration. Will have to get some pretty stringent critique on that!