Saturday, 2 October 2010

Quick Saturday Update

Nothing much happening here at Casa Da Costa at the moment, although I'm alarmed at how fast this year is speeding by! October already... I can hardly believe it.

IN THE FLESH has now been sent to my editor. She's a very busy lady, and won't be able to read it immediately, but she has said she's looking forward to it immensely. Here's hoping it lives up to her expectations. :)

I've now finished a first draft of A GENTLEWOMAN'S RESCUE and I'm letting it settle a bit first, before I edit it. I originally intended this to be a slightly frivolous, almost fantasy interlude, but it's turned out to a wee tad deeper, touching on issues of self image and self esteem. Not a message piece, but maybe it's a bit more meaningful and a bit less silly than the original concept. I'm now mulling over ideas for the next Spice Brief, which has a working title of A GENTLEWOMAN'S FOIBLES, and is about a member of the Ladies' Sewing Circle who was initially a little bit prim, but has eventually loosened up, after listening to her friends' frisky talk. Mrs Mary Brigstock quickly becomes as kinky as the rest of the Circle, taking to naughty pervery like the proverbial duck to water! Much to the delight of Mr Brigstock!

Hope it's not too long before I'll be able to post excerpts of both of these stories.

In other news, I've been migrating. From one laptop to another. After serving me magnificently since around 2005, my original lappie has started throwing blue screens. It still works, but it's on borrowed time, and as I'm always reading horror stories of writing buddies and others who lose critical work due to failing hard disks etc, I thought I'd take action sooner rather than later... and end up regretting it. Last year, I bought a 2nd hand but refurbished laptop, similar to my existing one, and over the last couple of days I've been moving over my documents and programs and whatnots to the new one. I've got the majority of the necessary stuff transferred now, and backed up, so I can breathe easy for the time being.