Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Good, the Good and Ugly

The Good...

I've just heard back from my critique partner about GOTHIC HEAT... and she loves it! I'm blown away by the great things she's said about it... 'Rafe is perfect'... ooh... and also almost faint with relief that I seem to have managed to produce something readable after the titanic struggle I've had with this mutha! Anyone who calls here regularly will know how I've wrestled and wrestled with GH, and the huge doubts I've had about it, but now that I've had such a positive response from someone whose judgement I trust, I feel much, much better and can look forward happily to the publication process.

The Good...

The latest of a number of lovely reviews for OBJECT OF DESIRE... This one's from Lacey at Romance Junkies.

With a sexy premise and enjoyable characters, Portia da Costa created a wonderful, highly erotic tale. The story captivates the reader from beginning to end, enveloping them in a world of possible fantasies becoming reality. OBJECT OF DESIRE is a fun, fast read that had me smiling and sighing the entire time. I look forward to reading Ms. Da Costa’s future works.

Isn't that fab?

The Ugly...


I've had gallopingly vile rhinitis for the last couple of days, so much so that my head's just felt as if it's about to explode. I know I'm prone to allergies, and hayfever like symptoms, so I just thought I'd check the BBC Weather site for pollen levels... and discovered that Fungal Spore Pollen is at astronomical highs at the moment. So there's yer answer... and apparently this filth is lurking in the atmosphere until November and it can affect you indoors as well as outside... Oh joy!!!!

Telly: thing about Dick Turpin
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Mood: good
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RSI/FMS: pollen!!!

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