Thursday, 10 July 2008

another reason why women might ogle my bosom

Last week, my buddy Saskia remarked on the fact that she couldn't stop looking at my chest, because of my Johnny Depp tee shirt. Well, hell, here's another reason why she might look, or indeed any other woman might... Not for my frontage, but for the divine Adam Ant, in full war paint.

I blame Allposters for this extravagance. They're always sending me emails about money off deals. And I can't resist. I must say that this particular tee is a snug fit, due to there only being American 'L' size available, rather than 'XL'. Now I'm not enormously busty, but this tee does cling rather more fondly to my elderly boobs than I'm used to, although obviously people will be looking at Adam, *not* my gazongas. LOL

But, I don't know what larger women in America do for good, neat fitting tee shirts, when US XL only just fits a medium-fat bird like me...