Sunday, 7 December 2008

Another wonderful review!

I've got flu or some kind of virus crap thing at the moment, but a new review of IN TOO DEEP has really listed my spirits! It's by Julie Bonello at EcataSensual, and this is what she has to say about ITD...

In Too Deep is another fabulous classic from one of the pioneers of erotic romance: Portia Da Costa. Steamy, sexy, tender, sensual and poignant, In Too Deep is a sizzling story about two flawed souls coming together from the pen of one of the genre’s most talented, most innovative and most original voices.

If you want to read the very best in erotic romance, forget about the rest and read the very best: Portia Da Costa!

Not bad, eh? Really makes me feel better about my writing at a time when my confidence and motivation are bit low. :)

IN TOO DEEP - review at EcataRomance Sensual