Friday, 29 September 2006

Sex in Public

Sex in Public
Sex in Public,
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by wendywootton.
Well, today I must do some proper work. Writing work. I foofed a lot yesterday, despite my best intentions. I mean, I did some web stuff, and I've a bit more web stuff to do today, but yet again, I did nothing towards writing except look through some notebooks and discover a few scrappy story ideas.

So, I think my best course of action is to do the proofs that I have on my desk [aka on the bed beside me, as I mostly work out of my bedroom on my laptop these days] They're for my story Public Domain, which is in the Sex in Public Wicked Words collection. This one's a bit unusual, as it's sort of alternate universe, sort of futuristic, and sort of sci fi. Can't really say too much about it, for fear of giving away the plot... which is micro thin, of course, it being written by me! But it's a bit of fun and a change of pace and scene, and I hope everybody will enjoy my hunky hero Cicero. [No relation to any Roman philosopher or whatever...]