Monday, 12 March 2007

accretion... like a pearl, but not, obviously...

My 'smalltown' idea is starting to accrete... which is the process where a bunch of random bits floating about in my imagination start to draw themselves together by some sort of dim gravity, and begin to loosely fit together as something like a 'story'... I'm not quite there yet, but there's some promise. I'm getting names, a clearer locale, themes, snippettes... I'm actually getting a sensation of *wanting* to write this thing, which is a bloody miracle after all the interior resistance towards writing that I've been experiencing for quite a few weeks now.

Still don't know if my ed. will actually think this idea is suitable for the line, but it's worth a shot, if I can enthuse enough about the sexy, grown up romance between 'real' people angle. I think that's my strong area, whereas 'edgy', 'innovative' and 'high concept' aren't really me... Sometimes it's great to push yourself and go to new areas, but if it's really *too* much a stretch, I think it's worth continuing with a style/technique that you know you're good at... and just striving to do that thing even better each time!

Writers... what do you think? Do you strive to write 'different' just because that seems to be what the market wants? Or do you stick with what you know best, but instead try to up the ante, quality-wise, so your 'know best' output holds its own amongst the trends and fads?

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