Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Dumpster Office of Doom

Well, here it is, The Dumpster Office of Doom!

I'm sure you'll all think this is a 'before' picture, but it's actually taken just now. LOL I'd estimate about 50% of the 'stuff' has gone, but as you can see, the task ahead is still monumental. Even when I've got rid of as much as I can, arranging what remains in a usable fashion is still quite a job.

But, having said that, this room has been accumulating books, paper, DVDs, CDs and all manner of other crud for around 30 years now, so it was never going to be an endeavour achieved overnight to sort it out.

But I'm getting there! :)

ps. Back in 2010, I said I was going to sort this disaster out... but it's taken me this long to do something!