Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Accidental Call Girl - published today!

Yay, it's publication day for THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL, my crazy book about a crazy girl who does the craziest thing when she meets the most beautiful man she's ever set eyes on, in a bar!

It's lust at first sight, on both sides, and the normally cautious Lizzie Aitchison knows she just has to have one glorious night with John, or forever torment herself with what might have been. John Smith, a careful, prudent man in his forties, and not given to unconsidered actions, knows he simply has to possess this stunning younger woman who looks a lot like the famous glamour model Bettie Page.

The trouble is, he thinks she's an escort... and Lizzie soon realises that. But on the spur of the moment, she decides to take a chance and play along. Even when she discovers that John enjoys kinky, daring pleasures... In fact, especially then!

THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL  is the story of what happens when both faux call girl and client discover that one night together is never going to be enough for them. And deeper feelings begin to overtake their 'business' transaction...

Discover more about THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL here.

And also here.

The Accidental Call Girl is published by Black Lace, and is the first part of THE ACCIDENTAL TRILOGY

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mork and Mindy - Week 3

Aren't they the most gorgeous duo you've ever seen?

Mork [R] and Mindy [L] are starting to settle in quite well now, after three weeks with us. They both have times when they hide a bit, but they spend much, much more time out and about now, and love to socialise with us. They enjoy their food, and they love to be fussed and stroked. Once they're relaxed and feeling sure of themselves, they're the most affectionate cats we've ever had, and their devotion to each other is just adorable.

Mork has a little bit of a cough at the moment, but he's very cheerful in himself and eating lots. We're seeing the vet with him, so I'm confident that'll clear up with treatment, and he'll be A1 again shortly. When that's sorted out, the next adventure for this pair is being introduced to the outdoors. They've been used to going out in the past, but we've kept them in thus far, to allow them to bond with us. The catflap will be a new phenomenon for them, as they've been used to having a window left open to get in and out... but they're both smart kitties, who are quick on the uptake, so I'm sure they'll quickly suss out the flap.

Friday, 8 February 2013


Things are getting serious now. It's crunch time. Lizzie has accompanied John to his room... acting out the 'call girl and client' scenario they began in the bar.

But should she own up now, and risk embarrassment, awkwardness and the prospect of saying goodbye to John forever? Or should she go with her gut, her heart and her courage and continue her masquerade to its inevitable, erotic conclusion?


Not long to wait now... book published on 14th February! :)