Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Join my mailing list!

Today, I'm announcing a little prize draw on my mailing list!

I'm asking a simple question, just a sort of poll really, rather than a right or wrong test... and in a week's time,  on Tuesday 26th March, I'll be randomly picking a winner from amongst the mailing list members who've responded. The prize will be a copy of THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL, or an alternative title if the lucky winner has already got that one.

The question is:

Tall, dark and handsome... or gorgeous golden haired god? Which do you prefer? And if the entrants include why they prefer the type they prefer, and name a prime example, all the better!

Remember, this is a competition on the Mailing List... NOT here. I'm really trying to coax more people to join, so I can keep them up to date with my releases, and maybe offer exclusive excerpts and engage in a bit of debate on erotica and romance etc. :)

Join my Mailing List... I'd love to see you there!

ps. I'll be posting the question on the list again, perhaps a couple of times, for people who've joined up later in the week.