Sunday, 2 January 2011

Not so much resolutions, more guidelines...

It's no use me making cast iron resolutions at the beginning of the year, because my willpower has the consistency of a poorly set blancmange, and I know I'll only falter and fail miserably in some of the things I resolve to do. But I am going to try a bit harder in some areas...

  1. going to try not to put off important decisions because they are uncomfortable
  2. going to try not to be scared of things and people
  3. going to try and keep doing a bit of writing every day, so as not to lose contact with my muse and my projects
  4. going to try to keep reading more and maybe sample new genres and subgenres
  5. going to try and be a bit more organised
  6. going to try and procrastinate less generally
  7. going to try not to go ballistic over small setbacks and disappointments, and to maintain a more c'est la vie outlook
  8. going to try and self publish something
  9. going to try and do something about the Dumpster Office of Doom [yeah, I know I said that last year]
I'm sure there are other things, and I might post about them later, but that seems like a reasonable list... and I'm just trying to do this things, not saying I'm going to do them... and then end up feeling pathetic because I didn't. :)