Saturday, 21 May 2011

What I did this week...

It's been a busy week. I did a little writing early in the week, but mostly, I've been working on my new role as a self publisher and I released not one but two new ebooks. Both of these titles are brand new, original works, not retreads of previously published titles. They're shorter items, what I'd call novelettes or novellas, not densely plotted, more like snapshots of the romantic and erotic lives of their characters. Hopefully, they're tasty little nibbles for readers to enjoy while they wait for the next traditionally epublished and print published Portia items. :)

The first release, out last Monday is...


This one's a shortie, a 9.8K word novelette about a couple who enjoy the pleasures of BDSM.

Alice Porter loves antique markets and flea markets and has a tendency towards extravagance. At one of these events, she discovers the contents of an Edwardian household, including a rattan cane and what seems to be a punishment diary, and wouldn't you know, even though she's supposed to be economizing, she splashes out on the diary and a few other items. The diary is astounding, and very arousing, but what Alice doesn't realize is that her sexy and handsome husband Julian has bought the rattan cane... and to her great surprise, he knows how to use it. Their daring games and experimentation with the joys of erotic punishment quickly reveal to Alice a hidden secret about her beloved husband's past... and open a door to a new world of passion for the future.

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Forbidden Treasures is available from these outlets: Smashwords, Amazon Kindle US, Amazon Kindle UK and All Romance eBooks

Release number two, out yesterday, is...


This title is slightly longer ie. 17K words approx, and is the story of a woman who escapes an unhappy experience in the arms of not one, but two lovers, in a sexy ménage à trois.

Laurie Jones has been cruelly dumped by her fiancé almost days before their wedding was due to take place. As the honeymoon is non refundable, she decides to flee to the Caribbean resort on her own, in an attempt to at least partially forget her sorrows by savoring the warm sun, blue seas and exotic tropical ambiance. It's tough spending time at a lovers' resort on her own, but before long, she finds compensation in the form of a spot of naughty voyeurism, and soon, even better, she becomes involved herself with a pair of deliciously handsome hunks, Ed and Denny, who not only take pleasure in each other, but also desire Laurie too. The trio quickly bond in an intense erotic threesome, and when the holiday is over, that's only the beginning...

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Power of Three is available from these outlets:  Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Amazon Kindle US and Amazon Kindle UK