Friday, 2 November 2007

thanks to Saskia!!!

And the delicious skinniccinos and toasties at BB's... I'm in a much, much better mood today!

Writing is a bloody lonely business and while online friendships and associations can be enriching and rewarding, there is nothing, but nothing to beat a face to face with a like-minded chum who's really on the same wavelength. I think the lunches I share every month or two with the wonderful Saskia Walker really help to keep me sane in a world that's sometimes utterly crazy and perplexing.

As usual we were in 'frightening the natives mode', and pretty soon an exclusion zone established itself around us as punters with delicate sensibilities swiftly moved away to tables out of earshot of our frank and occasionally even so slightly raucous [me] talk about writing, erotic romance, publicity, blogging, other authors, promo, editing... and the general bonkersness of the romance author's life. Safely away from the internet and being eavesdropped on by any actual authors/bloggers/online personalities, we can dish the dirt with a delicious lack of inhibition. I would imagine by the time we're finished there are quite a lot of furiously burning ears dotted all around the globe. Saskia, of course, is wiser, kinder and far more generous-spirited than I am, but she tolerantly smiles and listens to my repeated and extended tirades of venting!

Telly: nothing much
Choc/Yummy: cheese and ham toastie
Mood: good
Writing: not yet
Reading: ARC
RSI/FMS: tired and achy, but not too bad

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!