Thursday, 5 February 2009

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01:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 07:38 No more snow overnight, but it looks cold out there. Glad I don't have t..

07:57 Oh feckity fookles, it's bloody snowing again! Do not want!!!!

08:15 Can I repeat my good performance of yesterday and write another 1.7K or thereabouts? Would be nice, but the twonking snow is making me cross

08:16 Right, time for more tea and a doorstep of toast and marmalade. Not looking out of the window, praying for rain to wash the white crap away

08:52 Think am gonna try timed writing challenges v. myself again today. 20 mins @ a time seems 2 work. Tricks me into writing ie. just another 20

08:52 Need to write a guest bloggy thing too. Will trick myself into that by writing a little bit per day. :)

11:14 Agh, have just eaten half a chocolate reindeer! I am such a pig!

11:52 And I thought my lot were impatient and greedy...: Courtesy of the peerless ICanHasCheezburger

13:06 Bollox! There is no Poirot on today!

13:19 Am sick of our govt & their hairbrained schemes to help economy. Everything they do only follocks it up even more! They are useless dolts!

14:32 Yay, have done 1.2K words! The other half of that chocolate reindeer is looking v. good to me right now, esp. as have *earned* it! :)

15:12 Did not eat all the half reindeer, just a big piece of it. Have ears/antlers left for tomorrow.

16:43 1.8K words today. Very tidy sum. Pleased with that. Now need to catch up on some other stuff.

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And I thought my lot were impatient and greedy...

Courtesy of the peerless ICanHasCheezburger

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

07:38 No more snow overnight, but it looks cold out there. Glad I don't have to emerge from my burrow.

07:56 I fancy a NinDS so I can get that brain training thing. If it's good enough for Jean-Luc Picard it's good enough for me!

08:28 Had some weird, vivid & rather unsettling dreams last nite. Not nightmares as such, but would've preferred not to have them. Feel odd now.

08:59 Bones & joints aching this morning. Think I'm going to get one of those memory foam mattress toppers & see if that helps. Anybody got one?

10:38 Why am I more tired after more sleep? Must be the dreams...

12:52 Wahey, have done 1K words and it's not yet lunch! Am I back in the zone? Hope so... just feels good to be absorbed in a story again. :)

14:22 A rare and unusual sight...: This is a very rare sight at Casa Da Costa... a cat actually sitting in a *cat* bas..

16:07 Am well pleased with myself today. Have done 1.7K words. Naughty voyeurism & a hunky, all muscle hero who also has finesse.

16:40 I so want to buy some Poirot DVDs, but should economise. Also The Pretender. Someone blogged about it today & reminded me how I loved it.

20:31 I have lager. 4%, 2.5% or 0%... which is it to be? Don't want to into the habit of alcohol every night, but the 4% is so tasty...

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