Monday, 26 September 2011

A wonderful review!

I'm absolutely thrilled today by a wonderful review I've received for IN TOO DEEP. The reviewer is Vanessa Wu, whose blog is Intense Sensations. Strangely for someone who writes for a living, I'm almost at a loss for words to say how happy I am to read Vanessa's opinion on the book and on my writing. It's times like these that make all the fretting and struggling and hair-tearing involved in 'getting it right' worthwhile. :)

In Too Deep review at Intense Sensations

Vanessa was also kind enough to award me a Versatile Blogger award recently too. I must admit that my blogging has been a bit sparse lately, but I intend to do much better in future. When I've fulfilled some important writing commitments in the next few months, I'm going to try much harder to be a better blogger.

As I'm pressed for time at the moment, I won't be able to make a list of 15 blogs I recommend as Versatile Blogs, but there's a small selection of blogs and sites I visit and read in the right hand side navigation bar. I hope to add more soon.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

More good stuff from Saskia!

My buddy Saskia Walker is putting out some great titles at the moment! Here's another goodie. A reissue of her wonderful early erotic novel ALONG FOR THE RIDE at a special price and with a lush new cover.

Here's the blurb:

Soon after her arrival in London, Georgina Montgomery finds herself modeling privately for one of her art college tutors, the Austrian artist Calvin Rolf. They become lovers and when Cal introduces her to his Fleet Street photographer sidekick, Jason Sutherland, a steamy ménage à trois affair follows. Georgie discovers that being involved with two gorgeous men is a heady intoxicant, and she quickly casts all her inhibitions aside. She’s in her element, but their idyll of sexual adventuring in London is interrupted because a paparazzi scandal threatens to erupt around them.

Jason has taken intimate photos of an old flame, Chloe Mac, now a pop star and media darling. His cousin is after the images to sell to the highest bidder, and Jason has to get to the photos in Scotland before his cousin does. Cal and Jason decide to hit the road, and Georgie comes along for the ride.

But the paparazzi hunt results in Georgie’s kidnap, and danger ups the emotional stakes for everybody involved. Georgie has to put her new found sexual power and confidence to good use, and territorial claims of the heart are about to be made.

Warnings: This title contains explicit scenes that some readers might find objectionable including m/f/m, m/m, anal play and some BDSM.

You can find out more about this deliciously hot novel here, and enjoy a sizzling excerpt:

 Go on, give yourself a treat!

Monday, 5 September 2011

A free read from Saskia!

Here's a new Walk on the Wild Side Books publication from my friend and critique partner, Saskia Walker! Not only is this a fab story by a wonderful author... it's also free at a variety of ebook outlets! How great is that? 
The only place you can't get THE DEVIL YOU KNOW for nothing at the moment is Amazon, but a version suitable for easy sideloading to your Kindle is free as air everywhere else. The story is a contemporary erotic romance and it was originally published as part of THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HOT ROMANCE. Here’s the summary:
 Leonie Carlton went to the other side of the world to avoid Mike Racine, because she loved him too much to stay. Their impetuous, fiery physical relationship was passionate and fulfilling, but Mike wasn’t the type to settle down.
After a year working on a coffee plantation in Queensland, Australia, Mike arrives on her doorstep. Despite her resolve to stay cool and distant Leonie is thrown into turmoil by her old lover from the moment he says hello. She knows she can’t afford to fall for him again. But Mike has traveled the world to win Leonie back. The question is, how far is he prepared to go to get her to hear him out?
7,000 words in length, contemporary erotic romance. Please note: this short story contains frank language and graphic m/f sexuality, including domination/submission and bondage.
Also available from:
Kindle US
Kindle UK
Grab this gem and enjoy!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

ANOTHER CHANCE - official publication day

It's the official release day for my newest Spice Brief - ANOTHER CHANCE

Another Chance is the sequel to my first ever Spice Brief CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, so fans of Rose and the Marquis will get the opportunity to see them again in the course of Maud and William's story. 

Official Blurb

The Chance of a Lifetime… Again.

It’s been a long time since Maud Piper has had a lover, particularly one who can give her what she really wants: the masterful hand of a strong, powerful man. The sting of pain that turns into pleasure.

Only Maud’s late fiancé had been able to satisfy her. Not even watching her employers at Blaystock Manor, the Marquis and Marchioness, in their own rough love play, brings her the release she longs for—until she is caught in the act by William Graves, the estate’s ruggedly handsome steward. Can he give Maud another chance to experience the pleasure she craves?

The highly anticipated sequel to Portia Da Costa’s Chance of a Lifetime.

Available from:

eHarlequin [epub]
Diesel Ebooks [mobi/not UK] [kindle/UK only]
Mills & Boon [epub]
All Romance Ebooks [epub]
Barnes & Noble [nook]