Thursday, 19 October 2006

a grand day out

Had a smashing day today! It was another of my occasional lunches with my splendid writing friend, Saskia Walker... in which we invade a local branch of M&S's Cafe Revive and generally terrorise the other diners and coffee swiggers there with our laughing and racy talk about erotic writing. Because Saskia and I swap emails incessantly, it always feels as if it was only yesterday since we actually met, and consequently we drop straight into a groove of jolly chat, with lots of jokes, feedback on each other's work, and a liberal amount of ripe, creative bitching! LOL

Because the life of a writer is usually a very solitary and quiet one, without much talking [unless you use Voice Recognition software] our super chatty lunches are sometimes a bit of a shock to the vocal chords and I do believe I've got a bit of sore throat now! But I wouldn't give up these get togethers for all the tea in China because there's nothing to beat having an author friend who you can meet 'in the real world' as opposed to online. Especially one who's as wise, witty and kind as Saskia - who is a rock to me in this insane and often irrational world of writing and publishing.

I'm already counting the days to our next lunch!


I was expecting a higher percentage on this one...

Your Sloth Quotient: 37%

You're a little lazy, but normally you're a very energetic and motivated person.

Don't beat yourself up over a little laziness every now and then. You do need your downtime!