Wednesday, 21 March 2007

ack, another one of those days!

Like a twit, I managed to turn the commenting off on the post about Watching The Detective, Gothic Blue and The Queen.... don't know how I did that, but it's back on again now if anyone has anything to say on those topics. :)

Today is a mess, as usual. Getting up routine all topsy turvy as himself was going to the dentist and didn't set off until late. Then I was foofing with some web stuff that was v. stubborn and wouldn't go how I wanted it. Then I forgot to have my breakfast. Then I got embroiled in thinking about some other stuff, and a tough decision I need to make about something...

And now I've got a naffing migraine coming, I think!

On a more positive tip, the Erotic Authors Association has a smashing new blog to promo books by it's members. Why not nip across to check out details of some v. hot forthcoming books indeed... Yours truly's Gothic Blue amongst them...

Telly: nowt
Chocolate: nowt
Mood: grumbly
Writing: nowt
Reading: nowt
RSI/FMS: headache, hipache, general malaise

testing testing

Ack.... comments trouble... just testing...