Saturday, 25 November 2017

Who is Delaney Silver?

This is my latest release under my alter ego pen name, Delaney Silver. My Delaney books are a bit edgier, a bit racier and more explicit than my more recent Portia Da Costa books. They're self published titles, short stories, mostly, that were originally published at a time when I wrote erotica that was meant to be read by men *and* women... or even couples together!

Delaney stories are mostly kink-based, with the emphasis on themes of BDSM, femdom, and f/f etc. There isn't a massive difference between these stories and some of my earlier Black Lace novels. Those early Black Lace books were very often about a woman's journey of sexual exploration rather than a one-on-one relationship between a hero and heroine. They were far less erotic romance and much more erotica, although some contained love relationships and either implied or explicit 'happily ever afters'.

IN THE AIR TONIGHT is very much in the women's sexual exploration vein, featuring a heroine who's wild and free-thinking, and who enjoys relationships with several different lovers who live in her local village. It's actually a spin-off from a Portia title that I'll also be republishing soon, WILD IN THE COUNTRY. The revision work I'm doing on Wild means that the central couple choose a committed, exclusive relationship towards the end of the book, whereas Katy, the heroine of IN THE AIR TONIGHT, is a  hold-over from the previous incarnation of that story, and hasn't settled down with one man alone.

So you could say the characters in In The Air Tonight are alternate universe versions of the people in Wild in the Country.

Does that make sense? LOL

Anyway, here's the blurb:

When Katy attends her first formal evening event since her arrival in Briarwood Magna, she’s hoping for much more than just champagne, canapés and routine social chitchat. Her village friends are all adventurous hedonists, who love to party hard and explore all manner of steamy scenarios, and she wants to get in on the action.

Consequently, she’s thrilled when her handsome friend Mitchell touches and teases her behind the concealing ornamental hedge, and then again, inside the manor house, when she succumbs to the Lord and Lady who are fond of dark games of transgressive pleasure amongst the priceless antiques.

Most of all, though, Katy wants to thank her girl crush Sybilla for the aphrodisiac perfume the beautiful herbalist concocted for her… but she gets a big surprise when she discovers just what the scent is that’s been attracting droves of randy admiring guests to her side throughout the party.
Look out for news of WILD IN THE COUNTRY coming soon. Read a taster.