Wednesday, 25 October 2006

it's this one, Val...

I see him sort of like this, only maybe a bit younger, and with gold streaked hair... The all black outfit really speaks to me somehow.

having blahed on yesterday

about not getting anything done until the late afternoon, I've broken my writing duck surprisingly early today. I started writing mid morning and have done a mini chunk of IllMet already! I'm in Robin's mind now... which is a bit weird, because I'm not really sure what he is! How does a creature think, who doesn't have an actual brain most of the time? I suppose as he's my creature, I can make up the rules, but I'm sure there'll be people out there, if this thing ever gets to print, who'll pick holes with my mythos, even if I've the one who's cooked it up!

At the moment, it's getting a bit introspecty, so we need to get a bit of action next, and preferably some sexy action, so Robin's got to finish with the thinky, thinky, thinky for a while and start doing something... or more probably doing somebody, either Lois or himself! LOL!

I think the inspiration for this early-for-me start came from an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent I've just been watching, courtesy of the wonderful, wonderful Eliza. It will come as no surprise to people that Robin is very much about.the.Divine.Vincent... although probably a younger and trimmer Vincent than the current version, and with slightly modified hair and eyes. I may post a pic soon that gives a sense of what Robin looks like, if not a truly accurate representation. I have the perfect one amongst my collection of 10x8's.

Words done so far today: 1275

[ps. forgot to mention... have my supernumerary feline visitor on the bed again today ie. Tilly... he was biting my laptop a bit ago, to try and get my attention, but at the moment he's settled down for a kip!]