Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Stranger - Black Lace Classic reprint

Today's the day for THE STRANGER, a Black Lace Classic reprint of my mid 90s erotic romance novel, and unofficial homage to the Eighth Doctor Who. When I originally wrote The Stranger, I was completely dotty about the gorgeous Paul McGann, especially as he appeared in the Doctor Who television movie. I was distraught when this film wasn't developed into a series, so I set about pretty much writing my own adventure for the beautiful, amnesiac Doctor.

My Paul *isn't* Doctor Who, of course. He's a different delicious young hunk, a highly intelligent man who's suffered a trauma and lost his memory. Confused and alone, he stumbles into the orbit of Claudia, a vibrant and sensual widow who's just been waiting for the right moment to accept sex and affection... and love... back into her life.