Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Stranger - Black Lace Classic reprint

Today's the day for THE STRANGER, a Black Lace Classic reprint of my mid 90s erotic romance novel, and unofficial homage to the Eighth Doctor Who. When I originally wrote The Stranger, I was completely dotty about the gorgeous Paul McGann, especially as he appeared in the Doctor Who television movie. I was distraught when this film wasn't developed into a series, so I set about pretty much writing my own adventure for the beautiful, amnesiac Doctor.

My Paul *isn't* Doctor Who, of course. He's a different delicious young hunk, a highly intelligent man who's suffered a trauma and lost his memory. Confused and alone, he stumbles into the orbit of Claudia, a vibrant and sensual widow who's just been waiting for the right moment to accept sex and affection... and love... back into her life. 


Anonymous said...

This was one of the first black lace books i bought and i loved it. Unfortunately a friend borrowed it and never returned it. I will be keeping a lookout for the reprint.

val said...

I won this in one of your draws. Excellent.

fandomshuzzah said...

Thank you so much for your gift to the eighth doctor fans, this is surprisingly not the first doctor who porn thing and like zygons:when being you just isn't enough, it's humorously accepted cannon