Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

08:51 No further snow overnight here. Sun out now. We might get snowfalls later 'tho apparently. #uksnow

08:53 Whitechapel was good last night. Loved Rupert Penry-Jones as rather prim, OCDish Detective Inspector. Very cute indeed.

08:54 My email seems to be out of whack again at the mo'. Mails getting lost altogether, arriving days late... It's so bloody frustrating!

08:57 Beginning to think, the amount of cop shows I watch, I should write crime or suspense. But I'm no good on complex plots, alas.

09:20 Jeezum, it's 9.20am and I'm not dressed. What the hell am I playing at? I should be up and clothed and working by now!

10:39 Think I'm going to eat some chocolate coins with my coffee break. I feel like a treat, and I've done my static cycling for the day.

11:01 Just had choc, strong coffee & big gun painkillers. I feel so degenerate! LOL

17:42 Hurrah! Finally started on a new story! I'm writing crap at the moment, but at least I'm writing something...

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