Thursday, 15 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets..

10:50 Today is the most important day of my life...: No, nothing majorly exciting has happened. It's just another ordi..

11:54 Just read of the death of Ricardo Montalban. He was great! Remember him best as Khan... he was freaking *awesome* in that role!

11:57 Good news! I won the lottery! Bad news... it's £2. But £2 is better than nothing. :)

12:34 Oh, I really need to simmer down right now! Something just made me so cross, but I mustn't do anything rash/stupid. Chill, Portia, chill...

13:59 Just ordered Picnic @ Hanging Rock DVD. Was thinking about it last night, don't know why & just had to have it. It's mystery will inspire me

15:23 Oh dear, I'm on the balls again. Justified due to vexation of earlier on.

16:35 Jeebers, today is developing into another day where 'stuff' gets in the way of writing. But have sorted a web thing out satisfactorily. :)

19:18 I'm hungry. Himself just ate a whole pizza and now I fancy some... stomach growling.

19:23 twitter is going peculiar on me... or am I going peculiar on it? LOL

19:54 oh bollox, it's gone weird again...

20:03 All this trifle talk + himself's pizza = me hungry. Must eat, but it'll prolly be beans on toast.

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