Friday, 30 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

16:10 Despite delish lunch w/Lindsay, have just eaten large piece of cake & some winegums. BeachedWhaledom beckons...

16:13 Will soon be banned from Cafe Revive. Always end up talking about rude stuff with writer friends, making nearby old ladies scared.

18:16 Just had an ebook splurge inc. 'Talk Me Down' and 2 x Megan Harts + some Briefs. :)

18:31 Feel so bloaty over the cake and the wine gums. It was just pure greed.

08:27 Gawd, it's cold this morning. 0 degrees, but feeling like -5 with wind chill. May have to go out to post later, but otherwise, am staying in

11:58 Hot news, tweets! Random House's new Valentine's promo is free hot books. Today's is IN TOO DEEP! Print or ebook!

12:22 Today only - an irresistible offer!!!!!: As part of the run up to Valentine's Day celebrations, Random House are..

13:08 Agh, I tweeted too soon. The IN TOO DEEP thing is a *prize draw* to enter, not a giveaway... so sorry to have misled. Starts 1st February.

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