Friday, 20 October 2006

this is so cute!

Isn't this book cute? It's an ideas resource... with a word, or a paragraph, or a piccie on each small page. Each of which is supposed to trigger an idea for a story, a book, or even a blog entry. Me being the sort of person for whom idea finding is hard, hard, hard, I was all over this little book like a rash when it was recommended by my writing chum Sylvia Day on a writing message board we both frequent.

Not that I've been waxing productive and imaginative at all today. It's been a complete bust, apart from a bit of webby stuff, despite my high resolutions of yesterday. Saskia will think I'm a totally useless waster!

Must do better tomorrow...


Jordan Summers said...

That's a cute book. Thanks for sharing. :D

Saskia Walker said...

I thought it was a post-it pad when I first looked, what a good idea though! hey, if I'd had to chase mice in the night I'd still be standing on a chair LOL