Thursday, 3 July 2008

Daily Tweetage

  • 23:23 Daily Tweetage: 23:54 Daily Tweetage: 00:40 Daily Tweetage: 07:24 Oh dear, I'm off to the dentist t..
  • 08:52 Gonna send off a short story today! Have a good thought, folks... also for another story out with the same editor. Been waiting a while...
  • 08:52 Stories...: Spent most of yesterday in my normal pursuit of mildly fretting about a variety of topi..
  • 10:42 Wahey, have started my 'burlesque' story and done 600 words. Am quite liking it too. :)
  • 15:21 1K done on the burlesque story, and still liking it!
  • 22:06 Just ordered some new tee shirts for RWA! Went a bit mad...
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